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Here at Daira Projects, we believe we can assist State Governments to increase their Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) particularly through using the right technology.

No one likes paying taxes, however to get the requisite development starting from the grass root level, taxes must be paid. We believe that the process of tax collection must be simplified and convenient to allow what is an already tough ask easier for the tax payers. Our offerings in this division include;

  •  Providing advisory services on public enlightenment campaigns to keep the public aware of the importance of taxes
  • Providing advisory services on the creation of online platforms to aid Collections and Certifications.
  • Training of Tax officials to eradicate the aggressive approaches which permeate most Internal Revenue Generation Service
  • Creating a comprehensive data base of Tax Payers.

Why Choose Daira Projects??

  • The Right Expertise and Experience

Our team of experts have significant experience of tax consulting especially within the public sector. We have a depth and breadth of experience of delivering excellent services to 2 States in Nigeria. Basically, we have done this work before!

  • Value for Money

We are known to offer good value for money and work collaboratively with client teams to ensure a practical approach which yields results.

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